Notification for All Users with or without Subscribe to the Topic, Post, Bookmark, Quote, PM

Is there is any way to change the subscribe (topic, post, bookmark, quote, pm) to be ON by default for all the users in the forum through replyPUSH so that the interaction among board members will be large and faster.


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    edited December 2015

    Don't know about faster, you will be emailing all those user so there will be an overhead for that.

    You can set defaults.

    $Configuration['Preferences']['Email']['ConversationMessage']   = '1';
    $Configuration['Preferences']['Email']['AddedToConversation']   = '1';
    $Configuration['Preferences']['Email']['BookmarkComment']       = '1';
    $Configuration['Preferences']['Email']['WallComment']           = '1';
    $Configuration['Preferences']['Email']['ActivityComment']       = '1';
    $Configuration['Preferences']['Email']['DiscussionComment']     = '1';
    $Configuration['Preferences']['Email']['Mention']               = '1';

    This for new users

  • You could do a query to set this for existing users. You may piss them off though.

    This doesn't set Email.NewDiscussion or Email.NewComment as this will need to be set for each Category and doesn’t have default.

  • i think what you have given is for vanilla forums. I use phpbb and found the code here

  • promod the latest version of the extension has an option for this, also has a query suggestion you can run to apply across the board.

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