Notify URL Failure (Byte Order Mark)

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I got the exclamation Mark next to the Notify URL and don't have the clue how to rectify this. Please help. Totally new to phpbb


  • Ok no problem promod if you could PM me the Notify URL that would help

    Notify URLs have to be public accessible, which means the site has to be publicly accessible and there is nothing blocking access to that url.

  • already send a PM to you, plz check

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    I can see you have a Byte Order Mark somewhere in your files

    Mostly likely where a file has been saved in Notepad or similar.

    Do you have shell access on your server? You will need to find this BOM.

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    Extra white space like BOM, will not only break this extension but possibly other things such as feeds. So worth removing.

  • I'm on shared hosting...

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    OK Download this:

    Unzip and upload bom_check-php to your phpBB root directory.

    Point to it.

    let me know the results.


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    BOM Check

  • language/en/common.php is the one with the problem.

    Give me a second.

  • What ftp client do you use?

    Do you have text editor like notepad at home?

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    FileZilla Notepad++

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    after rerunning now BOM check shows /forum/includes/utf/data/confusables.php

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    Now exclamation mark gone and Green Tick mark is showing ....


    This file still showing in BOM Check

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    To configure FileZilla with Notepad++

    To remove the BOM

  • Have you edited /forum/language/en/common.php before?

  • I don't remember exactly.... Now the exclamation mark is gone and Green tick mark is showing

  • good.

    have you modified any files. like language, etc?

  • Not modified any language files

  • don't worry about

    /forum/includes/utf/data/confusables.php it is supposed to show, it is a special file.

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    I'm also protecting your privacy by removing the beginning part of the paths.

  • should be good to go now! let me know of any issues.

  • Ok. Thanks.. Enable Reply by Email: I have enabled it

    so now onwards any post will show up in the user emails inbox correct ?

  • Please post a new topic for a different question Thank You.

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    1. Installed SSL certificate few days back to my forum
    2. Turned ON Enable URL Rewriting through ACP

    Updated the Notify URL in profile of Reply Push Site....

    Now getting Red Exclamation Mark or Notify URL ..

    Ran a Bom Check But No errors.

  • It is better to start a new discussion.

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