Reply notification key/values

When you receive a notification back from he service you will receive a normal HTTP POST.

Assuming there are no errors you would expect the following keys:

  • msg_id Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) 4 number assigned by the to allow for translations on pushed messages.

  • in_reply_to contains the original Message-ID of the email being replied to.
    Includes the encoded 56 bytes.

  • from_msg_id Message-ID of reply

  • references a list of Message-IDs recorded in the email thread

  • from the email address of the person replying

  • subject the subject of the reply

  • content contains an array of content indexed by MIME, you will normally
    You would expect text/plain and text/html

If an error was to occur you would receive error and no context. The following are existent error codes:

  • NoEOM the reply did not end in newline then /eom, so you need to send an email telling them to do that. This is not longer relevant, as it is not required by default.

  • NoMark means the marker which indicates the end of the message is missing,. It could be it is not included when sent, or they deleted the origional message when relpying, or the reply is currupted.

  • NoMsg means there is no discernible reply, such as a blank reply.

In the next section, a practical example, we will be looking at a simple code implementation in php.