We provide a simple API, which is flexible to whatever your needs are. We assume nothing about your community, the nature of the context of post. The relationship between the post, context, notification, and the reply is defined by you.

What we do is, verify that it is genuine, process replies efficiently, sending them on to you so you don't need specialist infrastructure to integrate with the mail service. This mean you can make plugins, addons, and extension to serve any websites, through simple setups.

If you have multiple context of which you want to process replies for, that is fine, we don't discriminate or restrict this.

We also provide a list of known plugins, addons, and extensions for various community software. Please check to see if a solution exist, or request that your solution be listed.


  • Any transactional email from your community could be extended to send replies to our service.

  • We don't require you to use a different email server than you are currently using.

  • We don't require complicated setups involving IMAP/POP, etc to receive messages.

  • Being a 'PUSH' technology, means we don't waste your time. We receive the messages, filter them, and send them on to your community.

  • The messages are sent to your server in a simple HTTP POST format, which any server side language could process.

  • The messages are 'signed' and processed by private credentials, to prevent forgery.


  • User simply replies to email with a message above teh quoted message.

  • Unobtrusive and efficient. "Don't call us we call you", aproach to recieving messages.

  • Strips quotes, emails, and anything after the EOM, for clean posts, you output how you like.

  • Flexible API integration with custom meta, so the application could be anything, and can serve replies to unlimited types of content.

  • Forwards error messages for processing, so the emailer can be informed in-line as appropriate.

  • Attempts to reach your site notification url, will retry if not reached first time.