Cookies and Privacy Policy

Please use the "Terminology" section of the Terms of Use and Description for Service for guidance for understanding this policy.

Second party pronoun like “you” also refer to any visitor not just customers.

By accessing the website on any device you agree that this policy will apply, as well as those who have agreed to the Terms of Use. We may make amendments to this policy at any time, and will be updated at this location, and effective immediately after update.


Like the majority of websites, especially those that offer user services, this website uses cookies.

These are small files stored by your browser (also called “web client”) at the discretion of your browser settings at the request of websites, which contain information that can be retrieved by the party invovled.

Most browsers accept cookies by default as conducive with browsing the web, however if you want to better control what cookies you accept this resource may help, or should you choose not to accept cookies at all.

Where it is possible to set cookies on your browser by accessing this website, you are consenting to those cookies being set and stored. It is your responsibility to ensure you know to control cookies you accept, and different browsers or web clients are different, and will have different setting and interface so you must take your own initiative to find out how to do so.

The cookies we use, never ever contain personal information about you, such as name, address, etc. It is simply not necessary to do this and would be risky. The majority of cookies we use are there merely as a reference to information held on a server and don't directly hold information about you, if they are related to you at all.

We use cookies in a very limited ways:

  1. For remembering a user is logged on, i.e used in authenticating the user after they have logged on for subsequent requests, so they would remain logged on till either they close the browser or the cookie expires.
  2. For security features designed to protect user of the website and the infrastructure on the server or other resources.
  3. Generally to improve the quality of the user interaction.
  4. For analytical purposes to collect information on visitors to the website and/or members in order to improve the quality of service. When we do this we are not actually interested in tracking an individual in general. We may be interested in user behavior, some demographic and technology information provided by the browser, but not the actual identities behind that that information. So in essence we are interested in collecting analytical data only if severing any relation to individual identities (we it would even be available). Essentially anonymised statistics.
  5. Those set by social and media features by third party solutions, these may or may not be required in order to use those services effectively.

We we do not personally track a visitors across the web, only the usage on our website.

This is advertising free website so there is not tracking requirement for advertising.

Our first party cookies i.e. ones set by request of us, linked to this web domain only are especially for you to use the website. You are welcome not to accept them, but it would not be possible to use the services provided or signup, only browse public information.

There is no requirement to accept third-party cookies and you are welcome to disable them in you browser. Some social networking, and multi-media (e.g video) features may require them. However, it is not absolutely necessary to allow this any continue to use this website. Quite

Some first-party cookies that are set by script downloaded by your browser related to third party solutions, which are there to provide feature we can't offer ourselves, by trusted providers, mainly for security and analytics and to improve your overall experience.

Privacy and Data Protection

We may collect information as outlined in the Cookie section. We will gather statistics relating to use of the service, for the purposes fulfilling of payment plans, and controlling resources, and displaying the information to you. This isn't personal information.

We do not give any personal information, given by you to us, to anyone, except selected trusted parties explained under the Terms of Use, and only when you are consenting (e.g. making a payment).

In the case of payment of gateway you send your payment details (such as card details) directly to them without touching our server, and we get back a reference which only we can use to take payment. This mean it is held securely by them, meaning there is no financial information of yours stored on this website, or anything that can be to pay anyone except ourselves.

We make take some contact details such as billing address, we will not share these with anyone. We need up to date contact information in order for you to use our services, when you have an account, and you will have to consent to that.

However you may ask for any personal information to be removed at any time as required by data protection laws, should you no longer wish to to use account services or it is not something that is required by Terms of Use / redundant information.

Our policy of data received by email messages as a result of using the service, and matter do with using the the service is explained in the Terms of Use. Messages are treated as intended for public domain.

We discard email addresses that are sent as part of replies, when we discard the stored replies. Either if they are relayed successfully, or within a reasonable time frame.

We do send the email address of the reply in the reply notification, as it is useful to the customer, to link that account. However this email address alone cannot be treated as a genuine user until further verification is made by the customer, see documentation for more details.

We never use the email addresses obtained this way to send emails nor do we pass them on to anyone, other than the customer through reply notifications.

Account holders may receive emails from us on the email address they provide, in order to keep them informed, we do not share their email with third parties without their consent.

All visitor and users are expected to comply with relevant data protection an privacy laws. Failure to do so may mean they may not be permitted to use the website or service.

All members are to respect the privacy of others at all time and be mindful of the information they give out.